Individual Therapy

I support all my clients in finding the connection between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as it relates to their issue. I do not believe in a one- shoe- fits -all approach. All sessions are tailored to meet your specific need/s. I collaborate with you in identifying what changes you would like to make, setting personal goals to work towards bettering yourself. I work from a trauma informed lens, meaning that I understand that there are different types of trauma and that it effects everyone in different ways. I support adults in addressing issues related to the following:

Domestic Violence


Anger Management





Women’s Issues


Life Transitions (e.g., divorce, new relationships, college transition)

Parenting Support

Personal Growth

Therapy for Teens

The teenage years is such a difficult time for many. Teens are going through developmental, physical and emotional changes, which can make it hard for some and their families. I love helping teens feel heard and valued despite the obstacles they may be facing. I work with teens who have been impacted by:

Family, gang and community violence

Physical and sexual abuse




Self-harming behaviors

Family conflict

Substance abuse

Academic stress

Family Therapy

Family therapy can support families in increasing healthy communication, appropriate problem solving skills, healthy boundaries and in gaining a better understanding of one another. I support families in getting to the core issue of their conflict, by utilizing a collaborative, strength-based approach, in including all appropriate family members.


My passion also lies in de-stigmatizing mental health in my community. I do this by facilitating mental health first aid workshops for schools and community groups. I have experience facilitating group discussions around a variety of topics such as domestic violence, anger management and the impacts of trauma. Topics can be tailored to a specific need. Workshops are offered in English and Spanish and can be done either in person or via Zoom or something similar.

Consultation services are also available for individuals who work with those who have been impacted by a personal or community crisis, or sudden grief/loss. This service is good for those who would like to learn ways to better support and understand the impacts of trauma.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs today! I’d be happy to help!